"If we may learn to know may we not learn to understand?"~A. Dillard

My novels and other books are primarily set in small town Maine. There are exceptions, but that is my favorite work. Some are fiction some are not, and some remain unwritten so we'll just have to see...

I wrote my first short story at age 13. It will never see daylight. But it was fun and inspired me. Can't say why, it was very bad. But it lit a fire somewhere and I just kept it up. Then life started and other than writing for a local newspaper, and keeping a journal, I stopped writing for some years. At age 56 I picked up the habit again. And wrote my first book. A CERTAIN FALL, a fictionalized account of life in my hometown, based on actual events occurring primarily through the 1950's and '60's to a present day. This book garnered some attention and evolved into a training model for the State of Maine Children's Services, and Spurwink School. This was followed by two other novels. SPIDER LAKE, a book for adults and young adults, the genre is mixed: a little horror / thriller and an effort at staying with my mission to share the complex truth about child abuse and its impact long term. MOTHER, NIGHT, AND WATER, a large novel that centers on the plight of a family and their children, who have encountered the prejudice of others because of poverty, and the unlikely bond that developed between two young people from different backgrounds. Set in small town Maine.


"Spider lake, is a suspenseful tale of a father and 13 year old son who are lost, both in the Maine wilderness and in the parallel wilderness of their own relationship. The complexity of father-son relationships is revealed in the setting of an outdoor adventure,complete with a mysterious deadly monster. Equally captivating is the presentation of varied and interesting characters struggling with the universal conflicts such as fear vs courage, tenderness vs abusiveness, and strength vs violence. While directed at adolescents this novel will be of 

interest to all ages." - Donald Stover, Ph.D.

My books are self published. Don't have the time at my age to wade through the corporate book business, loaded with Catch-22's. But they are available at Amazon.com and some  may still be available through Barnes and Noble. I currently have only one ebook (MOTHER, NIGHT, AND WATER) that is also available in hardcopy. My future books will all have an ebook available as well as a hardcopy. 


 A Certain Fall*

Spider Lake

Mother, Night, and Water 

*(A Certain Fall is currently out of print. Some older, poorly proofed early editions may be available on Amazon as used books. I am going to revise and add to this book and publish with a new publisher in the future. It will be my next book after Entangled.)


"Chapman's ability to develop powerful characters and use vividly lifelike descriptions may have readers placing A Certain Fall on their shelves alongside the books of another such talented New England author--John Irving."  - Mark Chag, Book Reviews, Advertiser-Democrat.  

A Certain Fall is brilliant, haunting, moving, and intelligent." -  James McDonough, LCSW

"Chapman has combined his literary skills, knowledge of the research and his career long experience in child welfare to create fiction  that authentically describes the events and effects of child abuse." - Donald Stover, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist.

"A Certain Fall allows for the serious consideration of an often overlooked element of healing--spirituality. By doing so Chapman invites us to consider the value and importance of this element in the healing process. What a gift he has." -  Dr. Amy D. Ouellette, MD

"I was completely captured...staggered by the power of the story and the beauty of the writing. This is a wonderful, moving book." - Ellen Crosby, LCSW.


I am currently working on my next book.  ENTANGLED. It is a work in progress that makes me hesitant to say more, because I don't know what is going to happen with it. I have some decisions to make still. But, I have decided to write a non-fiction account of myself and my wife of over 50 years. And an understanding of how devastating dementia can be. My wife was diagnosed in August, 2014 with a rapidly progressing dementia, Alzheimer's type. She was placed in a dementia unit that September at the age of 67. We had 53 years together. And three children, now adults, of course, as well as three grandchildren. This book will be a while down the road, but as it nears completion I will post information along the way. Keep an eye out. Further information can be checked out on

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